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Johnjohn85:  " me at work" - Singles in Chapmanville

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City: Chapmanville  
State: West Virginia   USA

Male     36
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Body Type: Slim, Slender
Zodiac Sign : Scorpio (Scorpion)
Looking For: Female
Age From: 25 To: 65
Johnjohn85 - Chapmanville Singles. Free online dating in Chapmanville, West Virginia.

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Looking for Relations:      Occasional Lover
The longest relationship Johnjohn85 had: Less that 1 year or didn't have
Height:    5'6" (168 cm)
Weight: 140 lb (64 kg)
Hair Color:      Brown
Marital Status:       Single

More about Johnjohn85:
I am a salesman at a car dealership. I'm 30 years old, not married and no kids, but I'm definitely not looking for anyone to spend a lot of time with because frankly I can't give anyone the time they deserve. My work is my life and I rarely am away from it. I'd rather be truthful and honest and this go nowhere, rather than lie to you and piss you off. So basically, if I can find someone who I can contact from time to time when I'm at work and horny, then my work would not suffer, and neither would my sex life. But the trick is finding a sexually mature enough woman who is also into anything that would be completely comfortable in her sexuality to be able to purely have a sexual relationship, and nothing more. I think that everyone wants a loving and meaningful relationship full of soul and honesty. But let's face it, other parts of us need to be satisfied while we still search. So basically, without trying to sound like a prick, I want a PURELY sexual relationship where the longest we see each other is however long it takes for us both to be satisfied.

If you are still interested then I am up for anything. Remember, honesty is big with me. I love:

Beautiful women that have perfectly shaven pussies, and take care of their body well. Nothing is more satisfying to me than bending her over in the back of a car and spreading those ass cheeks apart while those massive tits try and burst their way free.

I love it when a woman takes control and gives the best blow job she's ever gave. I mean gives it her all because she loves to satisfy the stranger lucky enough to have her mouth.

I LOVE letting you spread that big pussy wide in front of me and letting me pleasure you with toys. As long as I want, until you cum as many times as I want.

One of my biggest turn ons is to only get you off with toys/my hands, and not getting off at all. I simply love to please a woman.

Anything anal

You blowing me while I play with your ass (that's a personal fav)

And really ANYTHING you might want.

However, if you still are interested, I think our first meeting should be oral and toys only...just until we meet a few times and get comfortable enough. I mean after all, if we are just going to meet for sexual satisfaction, and nothing else, then there is no rush to make sure we can satisfy each other. Let's just have fun because after all we are strangers, and nothing is dirty then.

As for me, like I said I am 5'10", clean shaven (not down there, unless you want me to later, just haven't had the time lately), well dressed, brown hair, hazel eyes, thin build, 140lbs., I know you said no cock pics, but mine is 8 1/2 inches fully erect. I do look young for my age, but I am 30. I wear a wedding ring so that my clients will think I'm married and therefore more honest (I know, I know). I have an incredibly wide range of what I will do sexually. I am basically down for anything, and I mean anything. Nothing turns me on more than getting dirty and kinky in places where most don't, like on test drives in the back of a car. I really fell in love with pleasing big women when I found out how most of my big lovers were up for anything and could please a man like I never thought possible.

Well let me know if you want to continue, I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Johnjohn85's ideas of a fun date:
We meet, have fun, we leave


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