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Creating Your Profile Page

I haven't received the verification email, how can I resend it?

You can use the menu item "Editor", check the box “I haven't received the verification email. Send me one more.” and click “Submit”.

I can't verify my email. Can you verify my email for me?

Please send us your request to contact@godatingsite.com to verify your email, we will verify your email address manually.

How to change email address in my profile?

You can enter the new email address in “Editor” menu item, select checkbox “I haven't received the verification email. Send me one more.” and click “Submit”.

I can't add (upload) photo to my profile.

Please try to use JPEG (JPG) format, the best size will be 1200x1200 pixels. Use the menu item “Photos” to upload your pictures.

My password doesn't work / I forgot my password.

Please try to use “Recover password” (the link is located on the top of the home page https://godatingsite.com/ ) if you can’t get access to the website.

My photo was deleted from profile.

Here are the Profile Photo guidelines and requirements:
Colorful and clear JPG image.
Your face and eyes must be clearly visible.
No sunglasses. No bare torsos or nudity.
Recommended size: 1200x1200 pixels.

How do I change my profile (text entries in my profile)?

You can change this in Profile Editor – log in to GoDatingSite, go to "Editor" menu item, make changes needed and click “Submit”.

How to change name of my profile?

Currently, there is only one way to change the name of your profile – delete the existing profile and create a new one with a new name.

How to change my password?

You can change your password any time.
The "Change Password" link is located on the right side of the "Home" page for logged in users.

How to login to my profile? / How to enter to my account?

You can login to GoDatingSite here: https://godatingsite.com/login.php

I want to be removed from mailing list subscription.

Please note that there are no mailing lists or mailing list subscriptions on GoDatingSite.

How to stop email notification about new messages?.

You can turn of the email notification about new messages in “Editor” menu item. Please uncheck the box “Notify Me About New Messages” and click “Submit” button.

How to delete my profile?

You can delete your profile any time, the link is provided in our privacy policy page: http://godatingsite.com/privacy.php

Can you delete my profile for me?

Please send your request to contact@godatingsite.com with your login name and password and we will delete your profile for you.

Search Profiles

How the search works? How to search in my city only

The search provides profiles from your city first, then from your state. You can try to change search parameters (such as age range) to find more profiles in your area.

How to find people in my city / state?

You can use menu item "Search" You to find profiles in your area and contact them.

Send and Receive Messages

Where can I find messages from other users?

You can use menu item "Mail" to check messages from other users.

I can't send any messages.

You need to complete your email verification to send messages.

I sent messages - didn't received any answers / no replies

Please note that not all users receive email notification about new messages (opted out from email notification), so they will see your messages only on their next login. Please also make sure to place your best possible photos on your profile and have fully completed all text entries of your profile.

Upgraded Features

Can I communicate with others without paying for upgrade?

The upgrade is not required to use the site and communicate, but there is a daily limit of 15 messages sent in the free version. Incoming messages are always unlimited.

I payed for the upgrade but I don't see that my profile was upgraded

Please log out and log back in using your username and password to get the upgraded features.

I want to cancel my subscription / stop recurring payments

There are no recurring payments or subscriptions on GoDatingSite.

Last revised on March 23, 2021

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