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VenesaLady846:  "Listen to key words when people talk. Watch out. Its a warning" - Singles in Jacksonville

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City: Jacksonville  
State: Florida   USA

Female     38
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Body Type: Average/Normal
Zodiac Sign : Scorpio (Scorpion)
Looking For: Male
Age From: 34 To: 54
VenesaLady846 - Jacksonville Singles. Free online dating in Jacksonville, Florida.

I like to work on a tan on my face so I can stop wearing foundation

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Looking for Relations:      All Above: Dating, Long Term, Friends
The longest relationship VenesaLady846 had: 7 years or more
Height:    5'6" (168 cm)
Weight: 130 lb (59 kg)
Hair Color:      Brown
Marital Status:       Single

More about VenesaLady846:
I am just browsing. I want to get to know someone before getting into a relationship. I dont want to feel obligated into pressuring me; if the answer is no, please don't make it uncomfortable bc i will end it right there. Looking for respect; such as call before showing up, treat others like you want me to talk to you, morals and loyalty, and I like to feel safe and protected, and someone to think of me when you get yourself a drink get me one too. Also watch body language(you can get to know a person better that way) also be creative.. Ohh and be yourself. Nervousness is okay so dont feel that u have to be somebody your not be yourself. Everything will fall into place (go with the flow of things dont rush) communication is a must. Pkease dont give me the 3rd degree unless i slip up and u know im fibing. Yes question me. Bc I will to you.. Dont male me explain myself unless i want to. And again I'm sure theirs more.. U will know. I like honesty too. Never judge of someones likes thats not ur decision to have a say so. We are who we are. Get over it. Lol

Oh and by the way.. I like mature guys that know how to treat a lady that had a good heart. And its my turn.. Stop messing with these girls that have nothing but air in their brains and that stupidity looks cute.. Yea yea. That is a little embarrassing to me. Yes I need a little work. Yes I'm looking for a new crowd so I can upgrade my self and it will
Make me feel good. Most likely I need a sugar daddy.. But rather say a different name to respect you too.. I can be cute.. I never had that kind of attention.. So I do apologize if I come off snooty or mean/rude maybe. But I know what I want. If I can find one guy that can handle the way I talk.. Then I will be impressed. But got to know how to have fun/sense of humor but also got his sh*t together. Bc I need that person to lift all my weak spots into his greatness which will make me great. And everyone will hate. I dont know why but girls hate me. And I also always wanted one true friend. Well thats why we have sisters lol.. But thats why I said all of this. So you can think about before you approach someone like me. Bc Im done. Im done with users and backstabbers and hippicrits and esp haters and jealously. When someone is constantly always saying something about you and cant get them out of their head. Yeah thats me.. Cant be me. I'm never get pissed off.. Nothing can upset me unless I cant hold anymore then yea .. Umm if u get to know me. Learn fast. Bc I am a smart cookie and when enough is enough. Period. Done I said it all.. Not really. Ok well lets see if anyone is smart to e'ffffff-uk with me. I dont have the money now but I feel power inside of me. Well rhis is boring now... Ok ok chow 🙈🙉🙊 lol 🤝🤣😂🤣😂👀👀👀🎳😇🙄🤐🤗🤓🤞🤳🤞🤳🤞

VenesaLady846's ideas of a fun date:
Impress me . I never had that.. Go catch me a shooting star lol..

Jacksonville Singles. Free local dating site in Jacksonville, Florida.


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